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Yep, as my fellow MOTs (members of the tribe) know, it’s just about high holiday time, which means it’s time for some serious eats that remind you of sloppy, lipstick-laden kisses from your bubbie. 

Figuring it was time to score some Jew-cred, I decided to take a whack at making some challah. Not nearly as hard as it looks, the trickiest part was the braiding. I’m sure someone with more braiding experience would do just fine. 

Check out the great recipe I used, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. No need to adapt this one, it’s written really well as-is. Makes two loaves—one of which I formed into a round challah and froze before baking for use during Rosh Hashanah next week. 

Note: when the recipe says it is too big to be made in a standard home stand mixer, it’s not kidding. There’s flour everywhere.  

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