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Soy Cheese Doesn’t Melt

Can we talk about that? It’s creepy as he’ll.


Saugerties Diner in Saugerties, NY

Even better than the retro decor here (the pleather booths, the neon!), even better than the succulent pepper steak and rice special that we devoured, and even better than the salad bar (yes, a salad bar!), was the amazing staff. Our waitress, Donna, is a diner veteran—she cut her teeth at the Palace Diner in Poughkeepsie when she was 16, and she’s been waitressing in diners ever since.

We left the Saugerties Diner with more than just full bellies. Donna also let us in on some insider info: which diners are the area’s oldest (I-84 Diner in Fishkill) and which are her favorites (Alexis Diner in Newburgh), giving us a whole new to-do list.

Then, she packed us some chocolate creme pie to go. She’s got some fierce competition, but she might just be Diner Porn’s new favorite person.